New Member Process


Quarterly Pledge Tasks

  1. Brother Man-Dates
    • Pledges get to meet the members of the fraternity individually
  2. Weekly Pledge Hangouts
    • Events in which the pledge class can bond together
  3. Fascine Talks
    • Process in which each pledge gets to know their pledge class
  4. Serenade
    • Pledges¬†get to perform a skit for the sororities
  5. Host a Philantropic Event or participate in a Community Service Event together
  6. Pledge Project
    • Pledges choose a project to work together on
  7. Seasonal Task



  1. 2.70 GPA
  2. Must not be graduating in the same quarter expected to be initiated or the following quarter after expected initiation
  3. Complete Pledge Project
  4. Host 1 Philanthropy or attend 1 Community Service event
  5. Perform 1 Serenade
  6. Complete 1 Quarterly Event
  7. Attend 1 Social Event
  8. Attend 1 Chapter Meeting if schedule permits
  9. Meet 75% of the Brothers
  10. Involved in 1 other campus organization
  11. Possess at least 8 of the top qualities we look for in a Brother