About Triangle

  • What is Triangle?

Triangle Fraternity is a social fraternity, limiting its recruitment of members to male students majoring in engineering, architecture, and the physical, mathematical, biological, and computer sciences. It is the only member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference to limit its membership recruitment to these majors.

Triangle Fraternity organized at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the fall of 1906 and was incorporated by the state of Illinois on 15 April 1907, which is celebrated each year as Founders’ Day.

There are currently thirty-five chapters and eight colonies of Triangle Fraternity active in the U.S. The headquarters is located in Plainfield, Indiana in a historic building built as a Carnegie library in 1912.[3]

Because Triangle’s focus is on men of mostly similar fields of study, it is thought that members are more likely to be able to help each other succeed in their college studies. This focus also helps with professional networking later in life, particularly as there are alumni groups scattered throughout the world.

Triangle Fraternity is one of three national fraternities to not have Greek letters, with the others being FarmHouse and Acacia Fraternity.


  • Why Triangle?

More Opportunities. More Resources.

A Better You.

Reluctant to join a Fraternity because of the stereotypes?


Our founding members have the opportunity to create exactly what they want out of their college and fraternal. Why not step-up and build an organization that defies the stereotypes.


Leadership, Mentoring, and Friendship.


Triangle closes the gap between classroom lessons and those skills necessary to compete in a global society. The emphasis is on a balanced education blending networking & social skills.


Improve Your Academic Standing.


Nationwide, our chapters consistently maintain one of the highest grade point averages of the men’s fraternities. This results from the advantages and support of forming a brotherhood of those men in the same or related fields of study.


Find Others Who Want to Excel.


Triangle is handpicking men who strive to be the best of the best. Be part of a team that is just more than a Greek organization. We are looking for men who are dedicated to serving their communities, leading change, and showing respect to everyone on campus.


Join A National Family.


Networking, networking, networking! Joining Triangle means our Founding Members gain access to 15,000 living alumni. This also opens doors to internships, co-ops, and career opportunities.


And You Won’t Be Doing This Alone.


Triangle has an incredible alumni advisory board that will mentor and coach the organization at the university.


Triangle Fraternity.

Developing balanced men since 1907

  • What makes Triangle different?

Triangle is a technical, professional, and social fraternity, exclusive to Engineers, Architects, and Science majors, that works to develop leaders in the STEM fields by fostering lifelong friendships, promoting professional development, improving networking and social skills, and enhancing the college experience.

  • What do Triangles do?
  • Socials with Greeks AND Non-Greeks
  • Brotherhood events
    • Bowling
    • Karaoke
    • Smash tournaments
    • Beach bonfires
    • Barbeques
    • Retreats!!
      • Lake Arrowhead
      • Big Bear
      • Lake Cachuma
    • Local chapter hangouts
    • Hikes
  • Professional development workshops
  • Alumni guest speakers and events
  • Networking events with professors
  • Tech tours
  • Formal events
  • Community service and philanthropy
    • Relay for Life
    • INSAN
    • Food sales (we take credit)
    • Cal Parks
    • Up ‘til Dawn
    • Greek Week
    • Spirit Week – Geek Week
    • Other Greek Organization spirit weeks
  • National Convention
  • Leadership Training
  • Regional Leadership Conference

  • What does Triangle stand for?

All Triangle Fraternity brothers strive to be leaders in the campus, local community, and their chosen fields of studies.  In order to do so our brothers and volunteers are aware of our mission statement and objectives.  Triangle’s purpose is as follows:


The purpose of Triangle shall be to maintain a fraternity of engineers, architects and scientists. It shall carry out its purpose by establishing chapters that develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity.

Code of Ethics

As a member of Triangle, I recognize my obligation to:

Observe the precepts of the Fraternity as set forth in the Ritual;

Accept cheerfully my full share of any task, however menial, involved in maintaining a chapter home;

Preserve and promote the chosen ideals of my Fraternity;

Pay all personal bills promptly and always live within my means;

Help create in my chapter home an environment in which enduring friendships may be formed;

Maintain a credible scholastic record;

Promote the welfare of my profession;

Maintain my self-respect by proper conduct at all times;

Uphold faithfully the traditions and program of my Alma Mater;

Pay the price of success in honest effort.