Triangle Testimonies

See what current brothers are saying about Triangle Fraternity.


I’m proud to be a Triangle, because everyone truly works towards becoming better men. Triangle has given me a community where I know we can be honest with each other about anything, and each brother has something that they can contribute. It’s also one of the most diverse groups I know of on campus, reaching across from several different cultures and religions. I never thought I would join a Fraternity because of what I saw from the media, but Triangle showed me the truth about what a fraternity truly is.

– Michael Alio

I am proud to be a Triangle because the bonds that I have made with my pledge class. I joined Triangle for the connections and professionalism it advertised, and also for the brotherhood. Triangle was not what I expected it to be. The label “fraternity” gives off the idea that Triangle is a bunch of dudes that party all the time and don’t get down to business. When I joined, Triangle was not like that. Everyone in the fraternity is really cool, and we rarely get into any trouble. I really like how everyone is so knowledgeable about their respective fields and knowledgeable about a lot more too. I have a lot to learn from each member of Triangle and I hope to do so in the future.

– Alden Caterio

I joined Triangle with the hopes of gaining a network of engineering friends. But Triangle has been much more than that. When they told me about the dues needed to join I was skeptical how being in a Fraternity could be “worth it”. Midway through the pledging process I learned that Triangle is much more than a means of networking – there truly is something unique and almost indescribable about the brotherhood I’ve made with these guys. It’s different than a sports team; it’s different than a club, and its definitely different than [meeting] class mates. All I can say is that joining Triangle is by far the best choice I have made since transferring to CPP. It has given me many of my best friend’s out here. It has also given me numerous experiences that I would never have had, whether that is our “social events,” our philanthropic events, or being asked to lead an event for Triangle. These are all once-in-a-lifetime things that have made Triangle so special to me. Boom, out.

– AJ Miller

I’m proud to say that I’m a Triangle as I strengthen the bond I share with brothers, because I know they’re all capable of great things, and we as a group can get anything done.

– Billy Hafner

My initial idea of Fraternities was just like anyone else’s, cookie cut boys that buy their friends for the sole purpose of popularity, meeting college girls, and binge drinking into the weekend without accomplishing anything productive to enhance their future careers. Knowing this, I was obviously extremely cautious and hesitant about joining a Fraternity when I was approached by Triangle. After talking to a few of the Brothers, it was apparent that Triangle is different than what I had initially thought about Fraternities. It was evident that Triangle was saturated with similar men like me, with the same goals, aspirations and values, that wish to make the most out of their college career in the professional aspect. How could I pass this opportunity up? I’ve learned through experience, the easiest way to accomplish your goals is to surround yourself with dedicated individuals with similar goals because it helps motivate you. What better way than to join a national organization full of such individuals? I wanted to further my career through networking, gaining social and managerial skills, skills in which you do not learn in the classroom. Those skills are exactly the skills, among many others, I was able to improve and gain throughout my time in this Fraternity. Not only was I able to improve professionally and socially, I was also able to make eternal relationships with some of the closest people in my life, my Brothers. The years I’ve spent in Triangle have been some of my best years in college, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

-Kurt Paul